About the Gym

We are located at 55th and Mingo at 9520 East 55th Street.

Why Choose Us?

  • 24 hour access
  • Affordable rates
  • No long-term contracts or annual fees
  • Heavy lifting encouraged
  • All training styles welcomed
  • Best equipment in Oklahoma
  • Chalk-friendly

 The Difference

When you join the gym, you will become a member in our tight-knit community of individuals who push each other to be the best version of themselves every single day.

They say you are a product of your environment, so why not surround yourself with a group of like-minded individuals who are at the gym to reach their goals?

Equipment selection

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  • Specialized barbells such as Okie and Ohio deadlift bar, Ohio power bars, and Texas squat bars
  • Rogue squat racks
  • Rogue deadlift platforms
  • Pull up bars
  • Rogue bumper plates
  • TireFlip 180XL - tire flip machine no other gym has!
  • Belt squat / training platform
  • Reverse hyperextension
  • 50 feet of turf for sled pushes, cardio, sprints, and more
  • 5-station cable crossover
  • Precor Smith machine
  • Hammer Strength machines
  • Cardio selection - Assault Airbike, Concept 2 Rowers, Treadmills, Stairmaster & More

It's in the details

If you've been at a commercial gym, it's the small details that matter most in a gym like having a competition bench press with high-tack padding or having quality barbells with great knurling.  You don't realize what you're missing until you experience what it's like training with quality over quantity.  

You will not be disappointed in the equipment at Obtain Strength.

Don't believe us?

You can contact us (918) 304-6721 to schedule an appointment.