About the Gym

Why Choose Us?

In October of 2016, we set out on a simple mission:  Become the best gym in all of Oklahoma.

Now in 2019, we are fully-confident we did just that.

We're what we like to call a real gym. With over 8,250sq.ft of floor space, chances are you will find exactly what you need. You won't find endless rows of cardio equipment and dance classes, but what you will find is the best gym for serious training in all of Oklahoma.  If you're tired of waiting 30 minutes to an hour at your current gym for a squat rack or deadlift platform, you've found the right gym.  We have 9 places to squat, 8 places to bench, 5 deadlift platforms and we're still adding to those numbers.

Take a look through this page to see some of our gym highlights, equipment, features, and more.  If you want to come check us out in person, please call us at (918) 304-6721.

Obtain Strength Tulsa, Oklahoma

Notable Features

  • 24 hour access, 365 days per year
  • Affordable rates
  • Showers
  • No long-term contracts or annual fees
  • Heavy lifting encouraged
  • No waiting on equipment
  • Best powerlifting gym in Oklahoma
  • All training styles welcomed
  • Judgement-free
  • Chalk-friendly

Tulsa Powerlifting Gyms

Equipment selection

We add new stuff to the gym every month, so we try out best to keep this updated and current, but here's just a few highlights of our gym:

  • Specialty barbells such as Okie, Ohio and Texas deadlift bars, Ohio power bars, Ohio bars, and Texas squat bars
  • Urethane dumbbells 5-120lbs.
  • 5 Rogue power racks - 9 total places to squat
  • 4 Rogue deadlift platforms with deadlift jacks on each platform
  • Texas Strength Systems combo rack in dedicated powerlifting competitor area
  • Texas Strength Systems monolift
  • 6x8 Olympic lifting platform
  • Rogue bumper plates
  • Rogue kettlebells up to 80lbs.
  • Calibrated Rogue kilo plates with competition collars
  • Rogue Rhino belt squat
  • Seal row bench
  • Curl bars 20-110lbs
  • TireFlip 180XL - tire flip machine
  • Reverse hyperextension
  • Glute ham raise
  • 50 feet of turf for sled pushes, cardio, sprints, and more
  • 5-station cable crossover
  • Hammer Strength machine selection
  • Leg extension, prone leg curl, kneeling leg curl, and seated leg curl
  • Pec deck
  • Seated and standing calve raise
  • Assisted pull-up/dip machine
  • Smith machine
  • Functional training room
  • Cardio selection - Assault Airbike, Rogue Echo Bike, 2 Concept 2 Rowers, Treadmills, Stairmaster, Concept 2 Ski-Erg, & More

Obtain Strength

The Community

When you join the gym, you will become a member in our tight-knit community of individuals who push each other to be the best version of themselves every single day.  You're not just another number to us, you're part of our gym family.

We are not a gym where people are afraid to ask others if they are still using a machine - everyone at Obtain Strength is very friendly and a great part of the gym is the social atmosphere.  The community at the gym is often listed as one of the favorite things about the gym by our members.

Last year, we held a "Day of the Deadlifts" party for Halloween where members came and deadlifted in costume with prizes, a Holiday canned food drive in December donating over 1,000 cans of food to the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, as well as an ugly Christmas sweater party where members came together and lifted.

They say you are a product of your environment, so why not surround yourself with a group of like-minded individuals who are at the gym to reach their goals?

Obtain Strength Tulsa, Oklahoma

Don't believe us?  See for yourself.

You can contact us (918) 304-6721 to schedule an appointment.

We also offer day passes for $10 and week passes for $30 for those visiting from out of town - they can be purchased online here.

We are located at 9520 East 55th Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Click here to visit our location page for directions.

Obtain Strength

Obtain Strength Tulsa, Oklahoma

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