Membership at Obtain is simple, just the way it should be. 

You won't find a gym with year long commitments, cancellation fees, and the other negatives you find at commercial gyms in Tulsa.  We also offer discounts at sign up for police, emergency, fire, and military personnel as a thank you for your service! 

Month to month pricing with a 30 day cancellation is as follows:

  • Single membership: $40/mo.
  • Couples membership: $70/mo.

Discounts for paying in advance:

  • 6 months:  $200.00 (save $40, averages to $33.33/mo.)
  • One year:  $380.00 (save $100, averages to $31.66/mo.)

If you are interested in getting signed up, please call us today at (918) 304-6721 to schedule an appointment!